How to Make Time For Juicing in Your Already Busy Life


Now that the Polar Vortex of 2014 is finally over (fingers crossed!), 14 degrees on a Wednesday morning is practically Spring Break weather!  I’ve been doing my best to stay healthy during this cold and icky germ season, and one of my most powerful weapons (besides the holster of Purell on my belt) is juice.  Not Day-Quil.  Not a packet of Emergen-C.  Just good ol’ veggies and fruits and all the goodness they provide.  


It’s not easy to think about health when it looks like this outside!

I’m not gonna lie; I woke up Monday morning feeling foggy, with a tickle in my throat and pressure in my ears.  I pretty much dove towards my juicer as soon as I woke up and made a couple “shots” of Flu Buster Juice (1 lemon, 1-2 inches ginger, 4-6 garlic cloves, dash of cayenne on top)..  Hands down, better than any cough syrup I could have tried, and immediately my throat was like “thank you, thank you!”  I also made a big pot of green vegetable soup, which I swear will cure anything you’ve got!  I’m still working on perfecting the recipe, though, so look for an upcoming post about it!

It’s so easy to fall into the mindset of “I don’t have time to juice”.  I’m not criticizing; I’ve been there too!  As a part of my New Year’s Resolution, I decided that I needed to make a conscious effort to juice more.  Now, I’m not saying every single day, because things happen.  I’m not going to set myself up for failure, and neither should you.  I want to get as close to that mark as possible, though, and I know that the “time” factor can definitely affect anyone’s juicing habits.  Lucky for you, I did a little experiment in my kitchen this morning to help debunk (even to me) the “I don’t have time for juicing” myth.  

Steel-cut oats have been my go-to breakfast lately, so I started the water boiling to make some.  These take about a half hour to cook, so after throwing in the oats, I started prepping my veggies:


I was already throwing carrots into the juice, so I cut up a few extra to bring as a snack to campus with me.  Then I juiced my delicious concoction and scrubbed down the juicer.  Surprise, surprise, my oats were still cooking by the time this was all done.  I had time to make a bag of trail mix for class as well before my oats were ready to go.  Within 40 minutes of waking up, this is what I had to show for myself (on top of making hot lemon water, drinking my supplement, and taking my vitamins):


Not too shabby if I do say so myself!  I know some of you are thinking “I don’t have 40 minutes between waking up and leaving my house to get all this stuff ready.”  Okay, but in all fairness, the juicing took ~15 minutes total, and the rest of the time went to making tea, mixing trail mix, stirring my oats, and cutting up veggies for my midday snack.  You can always stick to doing the juicing alone, but my morning routine requires some waiting around (like when I’m cooking breakfasts like steel-cut oats or an apple bake), so why not spend that time being productive?  I even got some packing done!  Side note: I’m so happy I’ll be moving into an apartment without such crappy lighting soon! My pictures are going to look so much nicer.

What I’m trying to say is that everyone can sneak in healthy habits where they might not realize they’ve got a little time to kill!  When I’m not using my “oat-cooking” time to make juice, I spend it practicing yoga or meditating, or even reading for school.  Whether you juice, sneak in a workout, read the paper, or write in a journal, making choices that are kind to your body & mind, especially in the morning, can really set the tone for the kind of day you want to have.  I find that when I take the time to make myself a yummy juice like the Broccoli Citrus Blast I’m about to share with you, I feel good about myself, and I radiate that goodness and project my positive attitude onto others.  Try it! You will feel great, I promise!

Time for the juice!

Broccoli Citrus Blast

  • 1 head broccoli
  • 2 oranges, peeled
  • 3 carrots
  • 4 stalks celery

Juice and Enjoy! It may not be the prettiest of colors (orange and green don’t exactly mix to create a sparkly rainbow) but it’s delicious, I promise!  Feel free to add a granny smith apple as well; I didn’t have any on hand but I’m sure it would have been delicious!

Stay Well & Happy Juicing!


Juicing vs. Blending

On a juicing note, my grandmother laughed at me this morning as I carted in the beets from my grocery excursion.  She can’t believe how many of those darn things I’m eating (or drinking), since before juicing, I wouldn’t touch a beet with a 20-foot pole!

After her amusement wore off, she told me about her latest impulse-buy.  While watching infomercials last night, she caved and bought something called a NutriBullet.  It’s supposed to be this revolutionary juice extractor that holds in more nutrients than a juicer can.  There are also a bunch of other non-beverage recipes for it, but basically granny told me that the infomercial put down juicing in an attempt to sell their product.  Now, do I love Joey (my juicer)? YES! But I also think that there might be something to the NutriBullet or VitaMix thing, too. This made me curious, so I did a little research about the two different methods.  Basically, I found that a VitaMix or NutriBullet can make juice, but the juice needs to go through a strainer.  Also, these blender-type things are more versatile appliances that can make things like salsa, peanut butter, and soups.  I think both juicers and blenders have their benefits, and I am really excited to try out the NutriBullet when it gets here! I want to make my own peanut butter so bad!


Okay, so we just picked up our NutriBullet and stopped on the way home to pick up some fruits to test it out!  We decided to make the natural anti-inflammatory drink which consisted of half spinach, and the other half lemons, limes, grapefruit, flax seeds, and turmeric.  We couldn’t find our flax seeds, so we substituted chia seeds instead, which I don’t think hurt anything.  The taste was… umm… interesting.  It was citrus-y to the point of making our mouths pucker, so I threw in a gala apple and re-blended the concoction.  This time the citrus was a little dulled by the apple, and we could actually stand to drink the thing.  Granny cleaned the bullet (which was surprisingly simple) and we went into the living room to watch American Ninja Warrior.  As we were watching, we both realized that the juice/smoothie/whatever this thing was, was growing on us.  It actually got better the more we got used to it, and I think granny is gonna make more for breakfast tomorrow. I’m really excited to have the two machines in the house, since the NutriBullet can give me more of the fiber that the juicer takes out!  Granny wants to reorganize the whole kitchen on Wednesday so that we can juice and blend to our heart’s content, and I can’t wait to help her! The kitchen smells great with all the fresh fruits and vegetables being used, and Ethan and I have very noticeable increases in energy and metabolism changes! We wake up, and we are instantly hungry, which is awesome compared to a few months ago when we were waiting 3 or 4 hours before feeding ourselves.  I am very interested to know whether or not the anti-inflammation cocktail that Granny drank tonight will produce a noticeable effect on her.  She says that her goal is to juice and blend to get enough nutrients so that she can a) cut out refined sugars completely from her diet, and b) significantly lower, if not eliminate, the amount of her current medications.  I will keep you updated on her progress!