Welcome Back!


Happy Summer! And happy end-to-my-blogging-hiatus. I’ve been so overwhelmed these past two months with school, work, new hairstyles, moving, family crises, internships…. the list of excuses is never-ending. Bottom Line: I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life and working my butt off, but staying healthy, vegan, and happy throughout. And that’s always important.

The hair: I’ll just touch on this for a brief second. Yes, It’s very Miley (or Beiber?), and I like to faux hawk WHENEVER possible. I like it because I can also make it very “Robin Wright” (House of Cards) and look like a rockstar who’s married to a congressman. All in all, I’d recommend to any woman that CHOPPING it alllllll off at least once in a lifetime is insanely liberating and confidence-boosting. Yes, you ARE that brave. Don’t sell yourself short!

Okay. Now. Lets talk about my move! I liked to say before that I was living in Cleveland, but to be honest, preppy and far-far-east side Chagrin Falls (though beautiful and quaint) is anything but city life. I was so happy to make the move out to the Coventry neighborhood in March and finally snag a true Cleveland address! My landlord is absolutely amazing, the walk to campus is a gas-saver (not to mention beautiful!), and the food venues I have at arm’s reach are… well quite honestly they’re making me fat! Tommy’s (one of many famous veg restaurants in the Cleveland arsenal), Chipotle, Panini’s, Picadilly, Kiwi Spoon, Mongolian Barbecue… let’s just say self-restraint is a virtue I have been perfecting over the last few months. Apart from the small fire in my bathroom that went down tonight (an old hair dryer and a faulty outlet don’t mix), it’s been nothing but positives! Did I mention the running? City running ROCKS! Bouncing through Little Italy with the orgasmic aromas of fresh pizzas and sangria is nothing short of wonderful.

When someone starts to make any kind of positive changes to their life, it can sometimes amplify the other aspects of their life which may need to be revisited. This is definitely happening right about now. I’m over the moon with my new location, and my close proximity to CWRU has only amplified my enthusiasm for all things academic. I NEED to get more involved with my classes and the programs offered. Now that I can take a 10 minute walk and find myself studying in the Med School Library whenever I want, I’m able to really see the life I’ve been envisioning, and I’m THAT much more motivated to to get there!

This move has also amplified the annoying. Not that I don’t love my job, but now that I have to drive almost an hour to get there (as opposed to my previously gorgeous 30-minute-walk down country roads at sunrise), not to mention animal welfare’s lack of relation to HIV research, I’ve found myself thinking “What the heck am I still doing here?” Something needs to be done about this, but more on that another time. An internship at MetroHealth on top of my work obligations AND two summer intensive courses has my brain juggling just about all it can handle right now.

This post was supposed to be about some awesome juicing recipes and tips, but thanks to my little hair dryer incident, my kitchen has been rendered useless for the time being and I’ve had to rely on Starbucks and Chipotle for the day. I’m going to go now and relax with my cat and a Blue Moon, but I wanted to let everyone know that summer is here and so is my inner Juice Junky! So get ready for awesomeness.

I’ll leave you with an anonymous quote which has been wholeheartedly driving my productivity as of late, one which I can only hope inspires you to achieve your full potential!

Make the changes YOU want in your life, or someone will make them for you.

Stay Healthy, and Happy Juicing!



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