Clean Eating Cleanse Wrap Up: Eating Clean On The Go

All right!  The 10 day Clean Eating Cleanse ended yesterday, and for the last four days of it, I was on the road.  No kitchen and no farmer’s market-stuffed fridge to grab meals from.  How in the heck did I do it?  

Well, I made sure I stayed plenty hydrated.



I also went to fresh-friendly places, like Mongolian BBQ!  I picked out all fresh veggies like snap peas and broccoli and sprouts, and had the grill masters whip up a delicious stir-fry of vegetables!



I also made sure to get my work out in!  Running and lifting with old friends was the perfect way to switch up my routine!  A couple runs at the park, and of course a stop by Planet Fitness to get my Lunk on!


I spent quite a lot of time in the car this weekend as well, and my favorite healthy “fast food” is Chipotle!  I wasn’t mad about it!  Black beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes, salsa, and a big hunk of guacamole! yummmmmmmm.



I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel after 10 days of unprocessed, homemade meals.  Yes, it was a bit more time-consuming, but I’d do it again in a heatbeat!  Our bodies need to be nourished, and the closer we can get to natural, fresh, REAL ingredients, the better.  As I found out this weekend, those foods can even be found on the go.  I even was able to get fresh juice at a Jamba Juice at the mall!  I can’t wait to incorporate these delicious whole-food recipes into my regular meal plans, and continue experimenting with more!


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