Day 6 – Excuses

So I just want to start off by saying that today is cold, rainy, and all over gross out.  Not really inspirational weather for my mood.  I’m not hungry necessarily, but I am craving something warm.  Like soup.  mmmmm.  But Mean Green will have to suffice for now.  Only 9 more days to go.  I got this.  Ethan came home in so much pain the other night (his stomach was on fire) and made a bowl of rice.  He told me that he is going to continue the 15 days with me, but just eat one “real” meal a day.  I can live with that.  The rice smelled soooo freaking good, though, I wanted to punch him in the face.  I settled for a hug instead.  So far, what’s getting me through the days is looking up vegan or other healthy recipes on Pinterest to make when I’m done. I mean, Pinterest takes over my life anyways, so why not lose myself by looking up something useful, right? That’s what I did during my last fast, but I never actually followed through.  I just fell back into the microwavable dinner routine and landed right back where I started.  This time, I made a list of all the stuff I plan on making, and even am making an ingredient sheet so I know what to buy.  Things like vegan, gluten-free spinach/artichoke dip, ratatouille, black bean burgers, and sweet potato cauliflower soup.  It’s gonna be soooo good!  I’m also craving my mom’s broccoli soup like no other, and Hurray, cause it’s vegan!  Water-based broth, ancine di peppe noodles, broccoli of course, and lots of spices.  Ugh, my mouth is watering now, and it’s not because of this Mean Green sitting in front of me.

Anyways, on to business.  I’m sure you all noticed the picture above.  I went grocery shopping this morning and was absolutely shocked (and elated) when the total came to $24.99 for alllllll of this food!  4 grocery bags later, I’m unloading my prizes in the kitchen and Ethan’s getting ready to stick it all through the juicer and I yell “No! You have to wait for me to take a picture! This is so much food!”  At first, I was impressed with myself, but then I realized, I didn’t make the prices; produce is just this cheap! I have enough fruits and veggies here to make 4 Mean Green juices, a bruschetta juice, cranberry apple juice, and I still had veggies left over for tomorrow!  That’s 52 grams of protein and 144 ounces of yummy, healthy goodness for under $25.  Isn’t the expense argument one of the top guns in the arsenal of the junk-food junky?  Not anymore.  Clearly, the argument that “healthy food costs way too much” no longer holds water (or juice!), so what’s your excuse now?……….. I’ll wait.


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