Be The Change

Joey in action, making me some orange-mango juice for breakfast

Today was my day off, but my internal clock had me up before the sun like it was just another day of work.  Usually when that happens, I just curl up on the couch with my Kindle for a couple hours.  Today, I felt ambitious, though, and decided that a run was in order.

I wasn’t even a mile into my run when school buses began passing me, making their stops and picking up children for the day.  I always wave to the drivers who pass me on my runs because, well, that’s just nice manners.  Thanks for not running me over while I attempt to be healthy.  So I’m going along blasting my Pandora “Dance Pop” station, when a bus passes by.  I wave, not really paying much attention, but as I glance up, I see a little girl waving back at me.  Then I see a few other kids with their faces up against the glass, just staring at me.

Okay, the waving girl was cute, but what was with those other kids staring at me with those vacantly confused expressions?  Is someone chasing you?  Why are you running up this hill for no reason?   Then, I began to think about the lunch boxes those confused kids were carrying with them to school, and what might be inside them.  Now, I don’t have kids, and that’s not about to change anytime soon, but still… I want to make sure the next generation is well informed and able to make health-conscious decisions. That got me thinking about what the best way to accomplish this would be.  I mean, I know I won’t have as big an impact on others as, say, their parents or relatives, but there’s got to be something I can do.  What’s the best way to educate and inform?  Simple: lead by example.

I realized that my run this morning was beneficial, not only for me, but for all those kids on the school bus, and everyone that passed me in their cars, too.  I know when I’m in my car and I pass a runner, my thoughts go a little something like this: Don’t hit the runner! GO YOU! Man, I’m jealous.  I should go running today.  I wonder how far they’re running.  Good for them!  Maybe I’m alone in this, but seeing other people exercise healthy habits is inspiring to me.

That whole thought pattern kept me pretty busy throughout my run.  It was only 2.5 miles, but hey, that’s farther than my boyfriend ran today (he was still asleep), and it’s farther than everyone else who was sitting on the couch! As soon as I got home, I was so hyped up and energized! I went straight for the juicer and pretty much emptied my fridge into it.  Best. Decision. Ever.  I juiced all day today, and it felt great!  I mentioned to Ethan yesterday that I was thinking about starting another juice fast, and tonight he came home from work to some orange mango juice I made him this afternoon.  He was sold, and we’re starting Monday!  I always feel amazing when I’m juicing (my brother thought I meant steroids when I told him I felt amazing when I “juiced”) so needless to say, the Juice Junky is pumped for Monday to get here!

So what should you get out of this post? Be the change you wish to see in the world. When Gandhi said that, he was onto something.  People won’t learn healthy lifestyle choices unless someone can be their example, and if you want others to be healthy and happy, you’ve got to live it yourself!   My passion is to spread the good word about the benefits of dietary changes and fitness, but I’ve got to live the lifestyle if I want others to get excited about it, too.  That can be quite motivating!  Also, orange mango juice is unrivaled in deliciousness, and cranberry juice needs a LOT of sweet fruit to balance the sourness!


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