Staying Healthy on Special Occasions

My fellow Chi Omega alumnae and I got together in the first of many alum trips yesterday and headed to Cedar Point for some roller coasting fun!  It was awesome to catch up with everyone, since almost all of us have been out of college for a year or two now, and it was weird hearing about everyone in their big-kid jobs!  It seems like last week we were rounding up change for a pizza to share.  I miss being a broke college student, now I’m just poor!

Sooooo Cedar Point… Not exactly America’s pinnacle of health, unless you define health as elephant ears, churros, french fries, and jumbo sno cones (which I don’t).  I was really nervous heading into the park because I knew my options would be limited for the day.  Good thing I thought ahead and had a nutritious breakfast! (Spinach, cantaloupe, strawberries, and pine nuts all blended together for smoothie goodness)  I was full for the first three hours, drank water like a fish, and by the time we were all ready for lunch I had seen the options around the park and felt like a pretzel was my only option.  Unsalted, hot, doughy goodness is not exactly “healthy” (bleached flour, or as Arnold Swarsenegger – or however it’s spelled – calls it: “white death”) but it was better than fried dough or corn dogs or nasty burgers made out of something that used to resemble an animal.  That was more than filling for me, and I was able to keep on going until 6:00 when we all decided to head out to dinner at TGIF.  That was actually a little easier since they had hummus on the menu, so obviously I smashed on some hummus-y goodness.  

My sisters were all so curious about my juicing and my healthy habits, and I was more than happy to explain some of my findings to them.  One sister, Kendra, said “being healthy is too hard… I wish I had someone to plan out my meals and cook everything for me ahead of time.”  Interesting you said that, Kendra, since that’s exactly what I want to do “when I grow up”.  I am so happy and feel so blessed to have inspired so many people to investigate a healthier lifestyle change!  


3 thoughts on “Staying Healthy on Special Occasions

  1. How ironic, a soft pretzel was what I ended up eating at the German festival since it was healthiest thing I could find that wasnt slathered in hot grease and oil :-/

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