protein pRoTeIn PROTEIN!

How many vegetarians/vegans/healthy eaters have to hear about protein?  Sometimes I think if I hear one more person ask me “Where are you getting your protein?”  I will simply explode!  But I realize that the reason people are asking this question honestly don’t know the answer. In a society where Meat Companies hold a large political stake in the country, it makes sense that we are taught from such a young age that lost protein is necessary for a healthy body, and the only way to get that protein is from meat.  No one really talks about all the protein and other vital nutrients that can be found in plants!  Today is Day 2 of my second juice fast, and I recorded all my juices on the MyFitnessPal app on my phone.  Here is a snapshot of my daily breakdown:

Now, today was a bit of a low day on the protein front, since I was craving fruit juice this morning, but still.  So, how much protein do you need to be eating per day, anyways?  The Vegan Resource Group found that the RDA recommends .36 multiplied by your weight in pounds will give you the necessary grams of protein you should be striving for each day.  For me, that equals about 45 grams.  I’m not quite at that mark today, but before juicing, my weight was high enough to have me trying to ingest 55 grams of protein per day.  Even with meat in my diet, it was hard!  I don’t like protein powders (they just seem too artificial and not natural for my liking, plus that nasty chalk taste!), so I tried my hardest to hit that mark.  I just couldn’t do it.  Now, 38 grams is the least amount of protein I have gotten in the past month.  Not bad, considering my fat intake is minimal, and my vitamin and mineral intake is through the roof!  Thank you, micronutrients!  Also, looking at the snapshot I took from my phone, take a look at the amount of sodium I had today… only 272 mg!  That seems like cause for celebration, since I’ve eaten peanut butter sandwiches with more sodium than that in them, and those I ate in one sitting!

If you are still scared and concerned about not getting enough protein if you aren’t eating meat, don’t just listen to some random girl like me.  Get the facts! Go check out I have found that the whole site is very informative and gives lots of ideas and foods with tons of natural protein packed into them!

Even if you don’t juice, you should still be taking advantage of these macronutrient foods!  They are healthy, healing, and YUMMY, even when you eat them whole!


3 thoughts on “protein pRoTeIn PROTEIN!

  1. Thanks for pointing out that meat is not necessary to get a healthy amount of protein. Too many people are not aware of that. Just remember that while juicing can help you get vital nutrients you still need sources of fiber and good fats. A healthy diet whether vegan or not should include at least 20 grams of fiber or the ideal intake of about 25 grams of fiber a day. Myfitnesspal’s suggestion of 16 grams is a little low so just make sure you get the whole vegetables and fruits along with juicing for fiber and eat nuts for healthy fats. Also though sodium can be harmful in high doses your body does require sodium to function properly and needs at least 500 mg a day to do so. Obviously your diet varies and isn’t going to be exactly the same everyday so just make sure you don’t fall under the recommended requirements all the time. Thanks for the great post and congrats on your success with living healthy without meat!

  2. thanks for the advice! I didn’t know about sodium levels before, so that’s really helpful! It’s hard to get all the fiber you need in a day, but hopefully it will be easier the more whole foods and plants I am able to incorporate!

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