If you’ve read my “Starting a Juice Fast” page, you saw my recommendation of doing a juice fast with someone rather than doing it alone.  The buddy system is an awesome motivational tool, and can be applied to anything you want to accomplish.

Being back in Michigan for the weekend, I woke up this morning and knew I just had to get a run in while I was here.  These dirt roads and paths were so great running on when I was younger, and I thought it would be a nice change of pace from the pavement running I’ve been doing lately.  I set my Nike+ to a mere 5K goal and set out at about 9:30 this morning.  After about 3K, I heard my text alert go off.  It was my dad.  “You left without me? :(”  Oh no! He was gone when I woke up, so I started my run without him, thinking I could beat the heat if I went early enough.  I circled around and caught up with him right as I hit 4K, but he was just getting started.  I decided to keep going with him, and before I knew it, Nike+ was in my earbuds telling me that I was 8K into my run! I was pretty impressed with myself, but I was also tired.  I asked my dad if we could walk the rest of the way, but he wasn’t going to let me stop.  “There’s only a half mile left.  You might as well just get it done!”  His words pushed me to keep going, and again, before I knew it, we were reaching the entrance to our subdivision. “Now can we stop?” I asked as we rounded the corner into the sub.

“Why don’t you just wait till your iPod tells you you’ve gone 9K?” He asked.  “How can you stop now?”

Well, I ran a whole 9K this morning, something that never would have happened if I kept on running by myself! Thanks to my dad’s motivation, I pushed myself an extra 4K this morning.  The buddy system may be an old concept, but it’s not just for little kids!

Monday starts Juice Fast #2, and don’t think for one second that I’m doing it all alone! Ethan is taking part (obviously) and so is his mom!  So are two of our friends.  That’s 5 people supporting each other and pulling through together.  Possibly a little easier than one person all by their lonesome selves, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Yeah except I haven’t officially started the fast yet, just upped the healthy foods and workouts. Once I’m back at school I’m considering juicing monday-friday and taking weekend breaks. for at least a month. thoughts?

    • A month is a pretty long time for you to be juicing, seeing as you’re not extremely overweight or anything. Try a 5-10 day initial fast and eat a more healthy, balanced diet after that. If you are eating healthy in between, I see no harm in doing a 3 day reboot once a month (Friday, Saturday, Sunday?). Continue to juice on a regular basis if you enjoy it, though! There are days when I’m not fasting that I will have 2 or 3 juices and one sensible meal just because I love the juice! Keep track of your nutrition on an app like MyFitnessPal, and as long as you are meeting your daily needs, juice all you want! I’m so happy you are LOVING the juice like I am girl!

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