Don’t Stop Now!


This right here is the most delicious breakfast ever. EVER! Ethan made oatmeal and put syrup in his bowl.  I’m not much for syrup, so I went in search of something else to liven up my bowl.  I began to hunt through the pantry and the fridge, and then looked over at the fruit bowl.  Mangoes were 10 for 10 a few days ago, so the fruit bowl in our house is currently overflowing with them (buying what’s in season is healthy budget rule #1!) and they are all pretty ripe!

I guess someone’s gotta eat them… okay, okay. Twist my arm.  I’ll do it!

Oh. My. Gosh.  Mangoes in my oatmeal was the perfect way to sweeten my oats and fill my belly! We ate around 9:45, and I swear I didn’t even think about the veggie burger I brought to work with me until 2:30!

People have a tendency to think of “health” food as unfilling and bland, but try this meal! Cut up some mangoes and dump them into your plain oatmeal.  Now, go ahead. Tell me that isn’t some delicious morning fuel.

Okay, about my juice today: I only had one, and it was at the Mustard Seed Market with my friend Danielle.  I was lazy.  I felt like having someone else make my juice today!  I got a grasshopper, which consisted of pineapple, wheatgrass, mint, and pears.  Yummmm.  Each sip sent delicious electricity through my taste buds.  Did I mention that I love juice?

Danielle is the girl I wrote about in the post “Juice Convert”.  She is the first person that I solely convinced to go on a juice fast on my own, and she starts on Sunday!  She’s been getting out and running too, and she ran 1.8 miles tonight! Get it guuurl!  She has been using her juicer over the past week, and absolutely loves ABC!  She told me while we were shopping “I got like 4 cups of juice out of that ABC recipe I made today, but it only counts as one meal on a juice fast, right?”  I confirmed.  “Oh my gosh, this is gonna be awesome! I could drink that stuff all day!”  Good thing she’s so smitten, because she WILL be drinking it all day!  Another one of Ethan’s friends also was in contact with me last night with health questions and juicer talk.  Oh, and two more of my friends called me today to tell me they were out buying juicers!

Needless to say, I have been an oh so happy girl today.  Health is infectious, and this is proof!  Healthy people are happy people, and when others see that, they can be inspired to take charge of their health, too!  People ask me all the time when I will finally cave and make a run for McDonald’s, but there’s no way I could do that.  Not now! Why not? My coworkers taunt, waving a greasy-fresh baconator in my face.  Well, I made a list:


And finally, after the 3.7 mile run I just killed, I feel way too freaking good about myself!  After I finished my first juice fast, I weighed 132 lbs.  I haven’t weighed that little since I was 14!  Yes, I gained weight back pretty quickly; hellooo, I was eating solid food again.  One thing I did notice though was that even though my weight crept back up to 140, my waistline was continuing to shrink.  My size 8 & 9 jeans were hanging off me (I felt like some kind of gangsta rapper or something!) and now, at a steady and solid 142 lbs, I just bought the first pair of size 4 shorts I have ever bought myself! I FINALLY understand what it means to stop stressing about the numbers, and instead focus on your achievements and habits.

I won’t lie to you: sometimes, Facebook and Pinterest are far more appealing to me than dragging myself outside after a long day at work to hit the pavement.  I usually am disciplined enough to make it happen, but there are definitely days when I just don’t think I have it in me.  To help get over the hurdles, I made this little jar:


Run Jar!

Here’s how it works:  I get off my butt and go for a run, I put a dollar in the jar.  I make it through an entire day on juice?  I put a dollar in the jar.  the heart that I painted on the front is done in chalkboard paint, so that I can write my rewards on the jar as they change.  As you can see, I am saving up towards a t-shirt from Joe Cross’  It’s yellow and has a green kangaroo on it, and both he and Phil wear this shirt after completing a 60 day juice fast and committing to a healthier lifestyle.  I am so motivated by this goal, because the day I get that shirt, I am going running in it so that the world can see!  It’s the little things that keep me going, and I bet they will keep you going, too!


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