Enjoying Workouts

Yesterday was an amazing Sunday.  I had a dance lesson with Ethan, saw the Dark Knight Rises, and went on a Khol’s shopping spree to get some new clothes that actually fit me!  I was like, hellooooo size 5, let’s be friends again.  I know it’s been a while, but I’m back! Seeing my progress visually has been the biggest motivator for me.  I see the scale, and it says I’ve gained a few pounds back since the juice fast, but my clothes continue to swallow me, so I just stopped paying attention to the number on that stupid scale and started looking in the mirror.  And I look damn good.

We got home yesterday, and I was itching for a run, so being the wonderful man he is, Ethan told me he would have dinner waiting for me when I got back.  2 miles later I had run a new personal best for the mile (9:15!) and Ethan was putting the finishing touches on sundried tomato risotto and pita.

Tell me how this man is not amazing?  Yes, there was cheese on this , and I realize that cheese is NOT vegan, but honestly, the man slaved over a hot stove to make risotto and pita with herbs and vegetables from the garden, so how could I resist?  It was absolutely amazing, and I wished he had made a double batch!

This morning, Ethan got up with me and we went for a run in the woods.  I’m so proud of him for putting the effort in and exercising with me.  He really is trying to be more active, and I love him so much for it! We made it 1.95 miles, then walked the rest of the way home.  I hope I can get him up and outside again soon!  Once you a person starts exercising on a regular basis, it becomes less of a chore and more of a hobby, which is what healthy habits should be! I love looking at my Nike+ account and seeing the graph showing me I ran 5 times last week.  I think to myself, Do I really want to sit on the couch right now, or do I want to sit on the couch an hour from now looking at my running stats?  Running wins the battle 80% of the time!



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