Juice Convert!

Wednesday is here!! Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week. One, I haven’t been scheduled to work on Wednesdays lately (score!) and two, it’s happy hour from 6-7 and I meet my great friend Danielle up at Bar Louie once a week for 1/2 off apps and martinis!  I get up there and see Danielle got there before me, which never happens.  And surprise, she’s already put in our order! I love her.  I had a water while she drank this yummy looking green drink with a huge chunk of pineapple in it.  Danielle ordered brushetta for us, and it was soooo so good! it looked like onions, tomatoes, and some spices with a little oil drizzled on top.  I figure pick your battles.  I know I’m trying to stay away from oils and refined sugars, but it’s hard enough to find healthy food when you go out to eat, and I think I’ve been doing pretty well.

After dinner, Danielle and I walked around the mall and moseyed on in to Crate & Barrel, where she showed me a juicer she’d been looking at! I was super stoked, and she bought it right then and there! She’s so excited to start juicing, and I’m excited to help her out! I love turning people on to healthy lifestyle changes, and this was no exception! Now, she just has to name her little guy and get to juicing!



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