Burger Time!

HOLY COW! Actually, “holy vegetable” would be a more appropriate phrase for the deliciousness which just ensued in my kitchen after work! What was this amazing creation, you ask?  ‘Twas a beautiful, spicy black bean burger made by the geniuses at Hilary’s Eat Well.  And eat well I did.  As you can deduce from the packaging, there is no corn, yeast, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, or nut product in this burger.  Vegan munchie or food-allergy-kid’s dream dish!  Or just for the regular joe whose taste buds are looking for a good time.  I finished this fantabulous dinner off with some of my So Delicious minty chocolate chippy, dairy-free, no sugar added “ice cream”.  Now I’m happy, my stomach is content, and yet another day shall pass where I have said no to dairy, meats, and refined sugar.  Eating healthy is proving to be more of a fun hobby than a miserable obligation!  Image


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