mistakes happen

Moving went fabulously! Everything got packed into the car with ease, stuff got scrubbed, holes in the wall got filled, and we even shampooed the carpet! All in all, it was a success.  A little sad though.  Even though I hadn’t been to my apartment in 3 months, it was still nice to know it was there.  I guess I felt a little like Lilly in How I Met Your Mother when she lost her apartment that she never lived at anyways.  That’s off topic, though.  I brought a couple juices with me to stay hydrated and have enough energy for the day, and my dad actually liked the ABC!!! I was thrilled, since most people won’t even give beets a try.

We got back to Cleveland around dinner time, so we stopped at the Rusty Bucket to grab a quick bite, and I had my first beer in two weeks. I figure I earned it after a grueling day of moving furniture and driving.  Holy cow, it hit me hard! I’m surprised I woke up so early after that!

We started out this morning with some orange mango juice, then hit the trails around 8 with Ethan’s mom.  We worked up an appetite on a brisk 4 mile hike, then headed to the Original Pancake House.  I was looking for something light and healthy, but come on.  They sell pancakes.  How healthy could I possibly be?  I settled on a vegetarian eggs benedict and broke my 2 week dairy-free streak.  It was pretty good, but now I just feel so sluggish.  I think I’ll juice the whole day tomorrow to try and get back in the groove of things.  It’s amazing, since the fast, food has affected me and my body so acutely.  I have become much more tuned in to how different foods make me feel.  I love it, because my body knows exactly when to stop and what I need, but hate it because I can’t stuff my face like I want to!  The greasy, nauseous feeling I have right now though, is enough to keep me motivated to maintain my goal of being healthier.  Will I make mistakes? Of course, just like the Mistakes Benedict from this morning.  That doesn’t have to slow me down though (actually, it does make me feel rather sluggish).  I know I can do this, and this minor setback was eye-opening for sure about the way my body was designed to run itself, and what it needs to run like it was designed to.

P.S I think I am seriously going to commit to being vegan for a 10 day trial period.  I think those vegans are on to something!


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