Road Trip!

I’m heading to Toledo tonight to spend one more night in my apartment with my roommate, Kelsey.  Tomorrow’s the big moving day, so after work, I’ll leave Cleveland and head back up to the TOL.  After yesterday’s food fiasco, I decided to play it safe and juice for the trip.  I made myself an overflowing glass of oj with mango (literally overflowing.  I thought the glass was big enough, go me!) and set to work.  20 minutes later, I had 2 ABC (apples beets carrots) and a mango salsa.  So pumped for the mango salsa.  Then I came upstairs to organize my juice binder and feed my snakes.  It’s kinda funny, I feed my snakes live mice but I’ve been cutting meat out of my diet. But that’s a whole ‘nother topic.


My juices are ready to go!

In other news, my daddy is coming to visit Cleveland tomorrow! After helping me clean out my Toledo apartment, he’s finally making the trip! I say finally like I’ve been gone for years, but really I’ve only been living here permanently for about 3 months.  I’m actually from Canton, Michigan, so now I’m a good three hours away from my family.  I’ve been coming to Cleveland to see Ethan for 2 years now, though, so I’m really excited for my dad to see where I call home! Speaking of, I’d better go finish cleaning up and making my bed! I’ve gotta head to work in 30 minutes, and I’m leaving for Toledo right after that!



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