Day 10 (I survived!)

It’s been a week and a half since I have ingested solid foods, not to mention any meats or animal products.  For 10 days, I have done nothing but send all-natural, fresh fruits and veggies through my trusty Breville juicer (his name is Joey).  As I finished canning the last juice this morning, I gave Joey a pat on the back.  He’s worked so hard the past 10 days, and now he’ll finally get a break! Ethan and I still fully intend on pulling him out to make juice once or twice a day, but I think we wore him out a little bit by making 8 juices (sometimes more) every day with him.  

I can’t even begin to tell you how beastly I feel right now.  I feel like the Hulk, like I can do anything! I took the liberty of bringing home some avocados for some victory guac and bought some all-natural, no bleached flour, no sugar added flax seed chips to dip into the delicious, creamy, limey guacamole! My mouth is watering right now! I have been gathering vegan recipes off Pinterest the past few days, because like I said, it’s an option that I’m considering.  I’m not ready to take the full leap, but I think slowly easing into it, like I did with juicing, will make it a little bit easier, should the time come when my mind is able to say goodbye to a good pecorino romano or a homemade beef burger with gorgonzola cheese stuffed in the middle… hopefully that day will come? But maybe not.  I mean I’m kind of a cheese-a-holic.


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