Why don’t people think juicing is healthy?

Okay, I am getting really irritated with people telling me that my juice fast is unhealthy and bad for my body.  Enough! Time to put an end to this untruth!  Let’s just say that I drank Joe Cross’ “mean green” recipe for all four of my daily meals:


1 cucumber
4 large celery stalks
half lemon
2 granny smith apples
small piece ginger
8-9 large kale leaves

In just one Mean Green, there are: 4 large celery stalks, 1 large cucumber, a small piece of ginger (I like a lot of ginger), 8-9 large kale leaves, 2 granny smith apples, and half a lemon.  Do you know how much nutrition you’re getting from that?!  Well, lucky for you, I’m going to tell you.  There are:

393 calories, 0g fat, 11g PROTEIN, 448% Vitamin A, 364% Vitamin C, 35% calcium, and 24% of daily iron needs.  In one drink. All 4 drinks, you ask? Well, per day you would be ingesting:

  • 1,572 calories
  • 0g fat
  • 44g protein
  • 1,792% daily vitamin A needs
  • 1,456% daily vitamin C needs
  • 140% daily calcium needs
  • 96% daily iron needs

Name one person who gets that amount of nutrients without refined sugars, bleached flour, or sodium every day. Oh yeah, I DO. BECAUSE I JUICE.  Yes, the caloric intake may be at a debatable level, but I am not starving myself in any sense of the word.  In fact, I wrote this morning about how full I was and how I had to pretty much force myself to drink the rest of my meal.  People consume such a high amount of calories every day in today’s society, but they are empty calories.  Why not ingest less calories, but still have more of the good stuff in your body?  I’d take a Mean Green over a Hot n’ Ready pizza any day!

Speaking of the good stuff, another huge concern of skeptics is where the protein in a juicer’s diet will come from.  If the nutritional information I showed you hasn’t been convincing enough (how could it not be?), check out this link to the FDA website.  Here, you will find a list of vegetables and their nutritional information (there’s a list for fruits, too!).  Not all veggies are on this list, like kale, but use it as a start to realizing that nature has packed tons of delicious protein into plant-based food.  I know it sounds crazy, since meat is always pushed on society as “the best source of protein”, but eating a variety of fruits and vegetables gives you the same amount of amino acids (what proteins essentially are) as a carnivore would get.  The only difference is that with veggies, the threat of food-borne illness virtually nonexistent.

I think that about wraps up my rant.  Key info to take away from this?

1.  You will not starve yourself by committing to a juice fast! There are more than enough nutrients to keep you healthy and strong during your fast! I actually run more now that I’m fasting than before!

2.  There is a TON of protein in juice if you use the right veggies! Fruits and vegetables are PACKED with nutrients, including PROTEIN! Generally, I’ve found that the darker the veggie, the more nutrients it holds (like broccoli and kale, yum!)

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this, and remember to check out Joe Cross and his juicing info at JoinTheReboot.com!  He has answered so many of my questions and the site has helped me a ton with research!


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