Day 9

Well, only one more day of fasting to go after today!!  I’m actually a little scared to start eating normally again.  This morning, I finished juicing the last three grapefruits, and I couldn’t finish the whole glass right away.  I felt so full after just half a glass of juice.  What’s going to happen when I go to eat a sandwich or a bowl of noodles (whole grain, of course)?  I’m gonna take two bites and I won’t have any more room! I guess that’s a good thing.  I just have to be strong enough to say no to all the junk I ate before.

The more I think about it, the more I am realizing that this is my chance to make a permanent change.  I will have lasted 10 whole days without food.  Once solid food is back into the equation, I have to remember that I just got rid of all that harmful buildup in my body.  Do I keep dreaming about cheeseburgers? yes, although not so much these past few days.  What I’m craving now is some hummus, some mild salsa, and some tasty homemade asparagus soup.  Funny how my tastes have changed over a week and a half.  On day 2, I would have given anything to have just one bite of a nacho plate or a couple fries dipped in ranch.  Now, the mere thought of those foods makes me wanna vomitron all over this desk.  I’m not fooling myself though; I know that once I give myself freedom with food again, I will definitely struggle for a while to stay on the straight and narrow. I think I can do it, though.  I’m not saying I’ll never have a greaseball burger again, but I don’t want to make those kinds of eating habits the spotlight of my diet any longer.

A clean slate is actually kind of exciting.  Instead of thinking about what my limitations are going to be from now on, I’m looking forward to all the healthy options and dishes I haven’t tried before! I found this bread recipe online a few days ago that uses oatmeal and whole wheat flour that I’m really excited to try! Ethan also found a recipe for grilled tofu with spicy udon noodles that we will have to have as soon as he gets home from Puerto Rico (he leaves Thursday).  I will be putting a food journal up (as soon as I’m allowed to eat food) so that you can see/try out the tasty recipes I find! I would also appreciate any yummy, healthy recipes you’ve got in your kitchens as well! I’ll post pictures of all the dishes my readers recommend to me 🙂  I’ve been looking, kind of,into the vegan approach to health as well, and I am thinking about it, but I definitely want some meat after this juice fast, so I’ll hold off on that idea till I’m good and settled in a healthy routine.


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