The Right Reasons

I know I touched on it a little before, but I feel like I need to reiterate my point.  Anyone thinking that a juice fast will be that perfect way to lose a couple pounds to fit into those old jeans, but plans on eating afterwards just as crappy as they are now are NOT going to be able to experience the benefits! Please, I’m not pretending to be some expert, I mean I only just finished by 7th day of my first ever juice fast.  If you’re willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle, I’ll do it with you!

I’ve definitely found out so far that having Ethan to lean on during this transition has been the reason I haven’t dove face first into a pile of chili cheese fries! Seriously, I recommend having a buddy to do this with, at least at first.  Seeing all my friends eating ice cream, drinking pop, and sinking their teeth into burgers has been harder than you know, but I can survive it because I know that Ethan and I made a commitment together, and he can’t eat that stuff, either! I would have given up long ago if I didn’t have someone pushing through with me, so my suggestion is to find a buddy, a boyfriend, a sibling, hell, grab a stranger off the street and make a commitment to a 10 day juice cleanse followed by a commitment to a healthier lifestyle!

Yes, you will lose weight, but you will also be gaining cleaner organs, clearer thoughts, and a healthier body. Personally, that is way more important to me than looks or the number on the scale! (but yes, I do get excited about seeing that number go down!)

To start your journey, you gotta get into the right frame of mind.  I know everyone has Netflix, so get on there and start watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross RIGHT MEOW!!!  If you don’t have Netflix, go here and watch the video fo freeeee!!


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