Day 8

Good morning! I woke up this morning and immediately thought about a BLT and how delicious one would taste on a big, carby bagel… mmmmm… bacony mayo-y deliciousness.  But then I jumped on the scale like I do every morning and updated my fitness tracker and saw this:


Just looking at my progress was so motivating.  My BMI is almost into the healthy range (wooo! this is about health!)    So instead of my dreamy BLT, I ran downstairs to peel the grapefruits Ethan grabbed for me at the store yesterday and made a fantastic glass of grapefruit juice.  I put the juice in the fridge to stay cool while I did dishes, and I noticed that there was a bottle of grapefruit juice sitting on the side shelf:


How sad is this? SO motivating though!! I can do this! Healthy food tastes better and it’s better for you!

Off to go work out now that this grapefruit has jump-started my metabolism!


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